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Dr. Stephen Updegraff Lasik

Dr. Stephen Updegraff Lasik

Visual Realm’s newest website www.lasikbyupdegraff.com is now live.  Dr. Updegraff’s website is integrated with his blog and connected to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  When an administrator posts on blog.lasikbyupdegraff.com it automatically reposts to the homepage of www.lasikbyupdegraff.com and also on their Facebook fan page.  If friends comment  or “like” a post it will automatically show back up on the blog as if the conversation through facebook was happening on the blog or vice-versa.

The potential of this is endless.  Whether your followers like to read your blog or comment on your Facebook posts, they will never be out of the loop on what others are saying.  As social networking becomes KEY to almost every company’s advertising plan, making it easy to manage and integrate is extremely important.  Visual Realm can integrate your blog with your social networking sites and your homesite.  With one click of a button you will hit ALL your internet potentials at once, as well as helping your site rank on search engines.