One of the first steps in starting a business is designing your brand.  Your brand usually consists of a logo, colors, fonts and overall look and feel for your business.  In this post, I will be discussing one of the most important aspects of your brand: Your Logo.  Below you will find some tips about the design of your new logo and how to set your expectations for the design firm doing your branding.

Tips for Logo Design:

Don’t over-do it!
Remember people, this is a logo, not a story book!  Keep your logo as simple as you can.  The reason you have a logo is to create cohesiveness and recognition of your brand.  Your logo theoretically can be anything, but remember it doesn’t have to be everything.  What do I mean by this, you say?  I mean, if you think about it, when is your logo ever going to stand alone?  Think about your business cards, letterhead, web site, packaging, signage and on and on… All of this will have your company name, and most likely some other information accompanying your logo.  So my advice, KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Don’t tacky it up by adding the sun, moon and stars, stick to one thought.  Below I’ve attached the 6 basic types of logo designs.

The best thing you can do is pick one of these formats, then your logo will look clean, concise and credible.

When it comes to Fonts, Less is always Best.
A good rule of thumb for design is to use no more than two fonts.  This goes for design across the board, not just for logo design. For example, one font might be Serif and the other Sans Serif.  If you go with a Serif font for your headline, you might try a Sans Serif for the the tagline.  If you go with a fancy font, like something cursive, you might try you second font as something very simple and easy to read.  Although the use of two fonts is acceptable, it’s important to balance an elaborate font with something more simple.  Do NOT use two elaborate fonts.  Most fonts fit into one of the categories below:

Fonts used in Logo Design



Fonts can be an extremely powerful tool when designing your brand.  Many logos only use fonts with no image (ie Coca-Cola, Google, Disney, Kelloggs to name a few).  Remember, your logo font should be easy for people to read, yet representative of your brand.

Consider the mediums where your logo could be displayed.
In the end, you will be displaying your logo on packaging, signage, your web site, and other marketing materials.  It’s important to envision this step before you choose your final logo.  Ask yourself, will it work on a sign outside my establishment?  Will this transcend to embroidered polo shirts or hats?  Keep in mind what is important to you as a company owner and where your logo might be placed in the future.  This step helps ensure the longevity and staying power of your logo or brand.

Make sure it’s Vector.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! For those of your who don’t know what Vector means: In short, vector files can be stretched proportionately to any size and keep their crisp resolution without becoming fuzzy or blurry.  These files are created in Vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  A good logo design firm will give you a pdf, jpeg and png (for use on your in-house produced marketing materials) as well as the native vector files for uses on any medium from a business card to a billboard.  The reason for all the different file types is because most native files cannot be opened without the use of expensive computer programs.

How to find the perfect logo design firm.

1. Review their portfolio.

Yep, I said it, seems like an obvious first step.  The fact is, many people skip this step.  They don’t do the research before hand and in the end, they are unhappy with the final outcome.  Do you see anything you like in their portfolio?  Do they fit your style? What type of experience do they have?

2. Ask Questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Make sure you ask about how many concepts and revisions you receive.  Ask about turnaround time.  Ask about payment options.  Ask if they outsource the work or do it in house. And.. the most important question to ask is if you get ownership of the final files?  A good design firm will give you the native files for use in all aspects of marketing from print to television.

3. Trust them as professionals.

Remember… in the end, you are hiring a company to do what they do best.  It’s most likely you pay them as professionals, so be opened minded when you receive your logo concepts.  Maybe they have thought of something you never dreamed of?  It’s likely you have an idea in your mind of what you want your logo to look like, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best design.  I am not saying to abandon your idea, just to be open minded to something new if it happens to come along.

I hope this has been a helpful look into Logo Design and how to make the best decision for your brand.  Please let me know what you think.

To view Visual Realm’s recent work logo design please visit our portfolio here.

Kyle Theil is the CEO and Senior Designer at Visual Realm – A Tampa Web Design and Marketing Company.