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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords, also called Google Ads, is an online advertising system developed by the global tech company Google. Advertisers bid for specific keywords to display short advertisements, product listings, service offerings, videos, images, and installations of mobile applications within Google’s ad network.

Since its release in 2000, Google AdWords has developed into the company’s primary source of revenue, contributing to their 2017 revenues of $95.4 billion.

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Do Google Ads work?

Despite the fact that many skip over these ads entirely, there are still enough people who click on paid adds to make your ROI extremely profitable. Furthermore, repetitive exposure to your ads entrenches the brand into the viewer’s mind. The familiarity can spark curiosity and may eventually convince the viewer to reach out to your business.

Google AdWords is a powerful advertisement tool for most businesses if used correctly.

Advertisers must select and bid for highly-competitive keywords that exhibit strong relevance to the actual conversions of your business. The quality of the ads, landing pages and overall relevancy to the keywords must also be taken into account.

Why hire a company to manage your PPC campaign?

Google ads are more than just spending a bunch of money and hoping for clicks. Google cares about search intent. This means they want their browsers to find what they are looking for and to be satisfied with the result, even with paid ads. Google wants their users to be happy with their service so they keep coming back to Google for answers, rather than going to another search engine like Bing or DuckDuckGo. You should always use a tampa seo company to work hand and hand with pay per click.

Thus, Google actually rewards companies that have successful ads by lowering their cost and upping their position. Lower prices, better conversions and more successful ads is why people hire a professional firm to manager their PPC campaign.