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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or Tampa SEO is the practice of making a website appear or “rank” for various keywords when typed into a search on Google or other search engines. Increasing rankings for highly searched keywords results in higher traffic and increased revenue. Google ranks websites by a complex, ever changing algorithm in order to consistently provide the best and most fair results for their users. There are no tricks or short-cuts to high ranking SEO. You have to give Google precisely what it’s looking for, and we know how.

Local Tampa SEO Company

Local SEO is one of the most important keys to every business’s success. Ranking for your specified keywords in your own geo-location through search engines, on maps and in reviews is critical to SEO marketing for those looking to increase revenue. It’s estimated that 98% of internet searchers do not go past the top 10 results of their search. With the addition of Maps and Reviews as supplementary places for your business to rank, we make sure your are correctly submitted and optimized for each. Whether a potential client is searching from their desktop, tablet or mobile device we make sure your website is found.

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Where Does Your Site Rank?

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SEO Research Is Key

Before any Search Engine Optimization campaign is ever implemented, it is imperative that an intense amount of research is completed.

Every campaign we begin starts with investigating on your business and marketing strategy. The top SEO software in the industry we use is called Ahrefs.  We get to know your industry, explore your competitors and analyze the highest traffic keywords. We learn about your products or services, their cost, your overhead and bottom line. An audit of your tampa web design is completed, where we rebuild the pages, edit the content and rename tags and images. We gather information about your current online presence, your social media, and your online reputation through reviews and testimonials. A duplicate copy check is done across the web in conjunction with a review of page load time, site security, trust, and authority. We also check Internet wide for any inaccurate information about your company like phone numbers, locations, employee names and more.

Our SEO Services

Competitive Review

Understanding your competition and where they succeed or fail, is paramount to every marketing campaign.

Keyword Analysis

We research what keywords are searched most often and complete a cost analysis of what is attainable for your budget.

On Page Optimization

We help search engines understand what keywords each page of your website is trying to rank for through hard code & on page content.

Content Quality

Keyword density, relevancy, readability, word count, semantically related words and more playing into your ranking.

Website Authority

Trust, reputation, quality of information, inbound and outbound links and other factors determine if your site is relevant.

Local Listings & Directories

Has your information been submitted? Is it correct? Is it up to date? Local search is an extremely important factor for SEO.

Online Reviews & Testimonials

Almost 90% of consumers report online reviews or testimonials as an important factor in determining their choice.

Link Building & Backlinks

Relevant, quality links help search engines determine if/how you should rank for your desired keywords.

Social Media

Similar to back links, social media or social signals help search engines determine relevance, trust, and engagement.

Security & HTTPS

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate adds an additional layer of security and privacy to your site’s data.

Schema Markup

Data added to your webpage that creates a description to help search engines qualify your information and return results for users.


Continually producing fresh, relevant, keyword rich content is a great way to increase visitors, engagement and rank.

Guest Posting

Building relationships, authority, back links, exposure, traffic and growing your audience helps search engines rank you.

Website Load Speed

Slow load speed increases bounce rate and leads to poor customer experience which decreases overall traffic.


Our Tampa SEO Packages Pay For Themselves

Technically SEO can end up being free and have residual profits.  Once we get your site ranked in the top 10 your site will most likely be making you more money they you are paying us per month.  On average only 5-10% of the population click on paid ads.  That leaves 90-95% of the public clicking on the first SEO results.