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Local SEO is one of the most important keys to every business’s success. Ranking for your specified keywords in your own geo-location through search engines, on maps and in reviews is critical to Tampa SEO marketing for those looking to increase revenue. It’s estimated that 98% of internet searchers do not go past the top 10 results of their search. With the addition of Maps and Reviews as supplementary places for your business to rank, we make sure your are correctly submitted and optimized for each. Whether a potential client is searching from their desktop, tablet or mobile device we make sure your website is found.

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SEO Research Is Key

Before any Search Engine Optimization campaign is ever implemented, it is imperative that an intense amount of research is completed.

Every campaign we begin starts with investigating on your business and marketing strategy. The top SEO software in the industry we use is called Ahrefs.  We get to know your industry, explore your competitors and analyze the highest traffic keywords. We learn about your products or services, their cost, your overhead and bottom line. An audit of your tampa web design is completed, where we rebuild the pages, edit the content and rename tags and images. We gather information about your current online presence, your social media, and your online reputation through reviews and testimonials. A duplicate copy check is done across the web in conjunction with a review of page load time, site security, trust, and authority. We also check Internet wide for any inaccurate information about your company like phone numbers, locations, employee names and more.

Our SEO Services

Competitive Review

Understanding your competition and where they succeed or fail, is paramount to every marketing campaign.

Keyword Analysis

We research what keywords are searched most often and complete a cost analysis of what is attainable for your budget.

On Page Optimization

We help search engines understand what keywords each page of your website is trying to rank for through hard code & on page content.

Content Quality

Keyword density, relevancy, readability, word count, semantically related words and more playing into your ranking.

Website Authority

Trust, reputation, quality of information, inbound and outbound links and other factors determine if your site is relevant.

Local Listings & Directories

Has your information been submitted? Is it correct? Is it up to date? Local search is an extremely important factor for SEO.

Online Reviews & Testimonials

Almost 90% of consumers report online reviews or testimonials as an important factor in determining their choice.

Link Building & Backlinks

Relevant, quality links help search engines determine if/how you should rank for your desired keywords.

Social Media

Similar to back links, social media or social signals help search engines determine relevance, trust, and engagement.

Security & HTTPS

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate adds an additional layer of security and privacy to your site’s data.

Schema Markup

Data added to your webpage that creates a description to help search engines qualify your information and return results for users.


Continually producing fresh, relevant, keyword rich content is a great way to increase visitors, engagement and rank.

Guest Posting

Building relationships, authority, back links, exposure, traffic and growing your audience helps search engines rank you.

Website Load Speed

Slow load speed increases bounce rate and leads to poor customer experience which decreases overall traffic.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or Tampa SEO is the practice of making a website appear or “rank” for various keywords when typed into a search on Google or other search engines. Increasing rankings for highly searched keywords results in higher traffic and increased revenue. Google ranks websites by a complex, ever changing algorithm in order to consistently provide the best and most fair results for their users. There are no tricks or short-cuts to high ranking SEO. You have to give Google precisely what it’s looking for, and we know how.

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Our Tampa SEO Packages Pay For Themselves

Technically SEO can end up being free and have residual profits.  Once we get your site ranked in the top 10 your site will most likely be making you more money they you are paying us per month.  On average only 5-10% of the population click on paid ads.  That leaves 90-95% of the public clicking on the first SEO results.

Think of SEO Links as Votes in a Popularity Contest.

Think of Tampa SEO as who has got the most friends (links).  Google uses over 200 ranking factors when it comes to its algorithm but one of the main factors is backlinks.  Typically, the more quality backlinks a site has the higher it will rank for desired keywords.

Not all links are created equal.

Google built the first widely used ranking calculator called “PageRank” but in 2016 abandoned it. Since then, most SEO tools have built their own ranking calculators.  This score is based on those 200 Google ranking factors gauging from 0-100, 100 being the best.  This score is called Domain Rating, or DR.

For example, say you receive a link from your local barber shop to your financial advising firm.  Most likely that barber shop has a lower DR, let’s call it a 7.  According to its algorithm, Google will not give emphasis to this link. Another thing to keep in mind is this the link is from a genre that is unrelated to your financial firm.  For instance, Google won’t treat this link the same as if you receive a link from a high quality, relative source such as The Wall Street Journal, who boasts a DR of 92.

Domain rating is not the only number to look at when backlinking.  High ranking and high authority websites do not give up their links to just anybody.  In fact, most high ranking websites will not give you link at all.  Others that do, may link to you for the good of their readers, but do not want to share any of their “link juice” with your site. They put a piece of code on this type of backlink called a “nofollow” that tells Google not to pass any link juice to linking domain.

Linkbuilding for seo

The Steps of Link Building

Link building is an extremely specialized skill and can be broken down into many different stages to achieve quality links.

The stages are as follows:

1. Research and Planning
Research and planning are key to any great SEO link building strategy. Although research should be an ongoing pillar of every successful SEO approach, the initial research is extremely important.

We like to start with our client’s own website to look at what backlinks they already have. From the the research extends into main competitors to see what links they have. This is achieved through extremely robust software such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. We drill down on these links to find out the DR, organic traffic, if they are a follow or nofollow and even their linkbuilding strategy over the years.

Once research is underway we review which links are worth going after to help propel you to the top of Google.

2. Prospecting

Prospecting is the process of using the information we’ve gained through research to decide whether a link it worthwhile or not. After we’ve reviewed your competitors links we gauge whether or not we want to reach out to the same websites for a link of our own. Remember, not all links are good links.

3. Outreach
Outreach is the process of contacting other similar noncompetitor websites to ask for a link back to your site. This is most successfully achieved guest posting as it’s the most mutually beneficial form of backlinking. The prospect website receives expert written, desirable content for their site or blog, while we receive a link back to your site.

We use specialized software to scrape websites and find the emails of the people in charge of the company so that when we pitch a prospect to link to us, we know we’ve reached the right person. This is achieved by formulating a quality email explaining the guest posting and why its mutually beneficial to both parties.

Content Marketing

On page content is an extremely important factor in Search Engine Optimization. In short, if you do not talk about it, you will not rank for it. This seems like common sense, but time and time again we find thin pages with little or no attention to keywords or content. A great rule of thumb is each page should contain over 1000 words as a start for an optimization campaign.

We have professional SEO certified content writers for every industry. Each page is meticulously thought out and researched. Pages are written specifically for search engines and contain keywords, keyword phrases, keyword variations and more. Each page is written in the dialect and readability Google requires.

Once the page is recognized by Google we analyze movement and update the content as necessary. For example, if we notice your company start to move up the ranks for a specific keyword within a page we will expand upon content for that keyword to try to push it to the top. This is a never ending process of researching keywords and tweaking pages. Google also likes fresh content so rewriting pages is a great way to get noticed and reevaluated by Google’s robots.

We also specialize in blogging content onsite as well as guest blogging in exchange for links. Content marketing should be a top priority for every SEO marketing campaign.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is not only a great way to review ROI, but also a great research tool for any SEO campaign. Before we get into this, let’s discuss what conversion tracking is.

What is Conversion Tracking for SEO?
Although this should be a standard procedure, we constantly take over projects that do not have conversion tracking setup. Without conversion tracking you are marketing blind meaning you do not know what is working and what is not. Essentially you could be wasting time or money on something with no ROI.

We use many different avenues for conversion tracking. Google analytics allows us to setup as many conversion goals as you would like. They are a great conversion tracking tool for online marketing. We also typically track all forms and phone calls through our call tracking software, Call Rail. This allows you to drill down your marketing like peeling layers of an onion. After a customer gets to your site, what do they do? Do they call, do they fill out a form, do they leave? Tracking conversions is a great way to understand where to put your money in marketing and when to fix on page content like better promotions or calls to action.

We use conversion tracking to determine the strength of a keyword, content on a page or even to gauge the current market.

Additional Factors of a Great SEO Campaign.

Website Architecture

Visual Realm typically will not do SEO for a website we did not build. There are multiple reasons for this. The main reason is website architecture. If you do not code your site with the correct website architecture you could kill your Tampa SEO ranking before you even start.

Google considers multiple factors into site architecture including how pages are named, how pages are formatted, how fast a website loads, how the overall site map is formulated (which is known as siloing and other multiple factors. High ranking websites must not have broken links, confusing navigation or lack any of the title tags of header tags Google is looking for. Many of these factors including siloing allow us to add keywords into the domain structure telling Google what we want to be ranked for. This also allows us to tell search engines which pages on your site are most important and which pages to give less emphasis to.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the act of adding links from one page of your site to another page on your site that contains relevant information. This not only keeps browsers engaged by encouraging click throughs, it also tells search engines which pages you consider the most important. Internal linking also helps increase user time on site and encourages ease of navigation as it’s a natural way for readers to browse around the site.

Search Intent

One of the largest updates to the 2019 Google algorithm was a shift to focus heavily on search intent. Search intent is defined as the “ultimate goal” of the person using a search engine. This essentially ends the era of keyword stuffing in hopes of helping browsers find real answers more quickly and effectively.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Google is a business and although they are the front runner, they compete against all other search engines of past, present and future. They update their algorithm to consistently provide the best, most favorable results to their users so people continue to use them.

Google uses “robots” or “spiders” to crawl websites, not humans. These robots are programmed to consider many factors when it comes to ranking a website for desired keywords and phrases. This is what us Tampa SEO companies call SERPS or Search Engine Results Pages.

For example, if someone searches “Tampa SEO Company” what exactly is that user looking for? Most likely they are looking for a company that specializes in SEO in the Tampa area. The new update makes it so pages with real content rank for keywords like this, rather than pages that use keyword stuffing or other “black hat” SEO techniques of the past. The main goal of search engines is to provide the results their users are looking for.

Website Speed

Due to the rise of the mobile phone, Google has put an emphasis on websites loading fast. Quick load time also improves browser on page time and click through rate. These are all things Google takes into consideration in its ranking algorithm.

Like we mentioned above we do not do search engine optimization campaigns for sites we didn’t build. Page speed is one of the main reasons. We increase the website speed by optimizing images, using compression code like gzip and minification, put your site on a CDN (content delivery network) like Cloudflare, defer loading of scripts that should not load that top of the site, avoid the use of inline code, minimize redirects, add expiring headers and caching the site.

Our goal is to make your website load in under 2 seconds.

Average Time on Page

Another part of Google’s ranking algorithm is what happens when a visitor gets to your site. Did they stay and read the whole page? Did they leave before it loaded? Did they bounce to another page or even just leave the site completely?

These are all important factors the search engine robots look at. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. On page time means a user is finding what they are looking for. They are engaged. This goes back to “search intent” where Google and other search engines are trying to provide the best possible results to their browsers. Longer on page time to a search engine spider means the visitor is happy with what they’ve found on the page.

Name Address Phone (NAP)

Directory submission has been a long time trick for helping people find your business on the internet. Directories like Yelp, Google My Business, Whitepages, Manta and LinkedIn are common places people search for local businesses.  There are thousands more of directories just like these where you can claim or submit your business to help it get found and rank.

But, what if you move? What if your business phone or even the name changes? Over time, especially with businesses that have experienced growth, changes in employees or marketing firms, etc these directories can become outdated with incorrect information. This is where Google’s NAP comes in.

The Google Name, Address, Phone update requires this information to be exactly the same across the internet. That means the directories you submitted to 10 years ago when you first started your business, before you moved 3x and lost the passwords need to be updated with the newest Name, Address, and Phone.

Not only does Google penalize you for incorrect listing across the internet, they will dock you for minor differences in the listing like the word drive on some and dr. on others. When they say “exactly the same” they mean it!

Part of a Tampa SEO campaign with Visual Realm is making sure your NAP checks out. We also look to build roughly 80-100 citations per location to help aid in local SEO.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is a ranking factor as well as a psychological factor for any potential customer for your company. Would you eat at a restaurant that had 1 star or pay top dollar for a 1 star hotel? Most of us would say no. Online sources are estimating over 85% of people read reviews before purchasing, visiting or contacting a business.

Not only could a poor reputation drive potential customers away but the same goes with Google. Throughout this page we’ve talked about search intent and how search engines strive to provide the best results to their users. Google does not like to recommend a business with poor reviews because it wants its browsers to be happy with the results it provides.

This is where reputation management comes in.  We build a program to gain more 5 star reviews on multiple different platforms and even respond to each and every review you receive. Responding to reviews helps customers see both sides of the story, helps search engines understand how you engage with your customers as well as is a great place to add keywords for SEO.

SEO’s misconception

One of the biggest problems in the SEO industry is that every single web design and marketing company on the planet will claim they do SEO. Heck, Godaddy offers SEO plans starting at $6.99 a month. Do you really think that is going to work? There isn’t a magical SEO button you press and poof ranking #1 on search results. It takes a ton of time and dedication to get your site to rank. Even still people think installing Yoast SEO on their website and again their website will rank for their desired keywords. I wish it was that easy but it really isnt. Back when we started in 2005 it was much simpler, you could write good title tag, meta description and put in meta keywords and you could start ranking. Over the past decade the SEO world has completely changed.

How does SEO pricing work?2019-08-19T21:59:07-05:00

We charge a monthly retainer for our services.  We base our retainer on the amount of hours required to achieve top ten rankings for multiple keywords. Payment is due at the beginning of every month. We believe in our SEO services so much that we don’t use contracts.  You want to leave us tomorrow? No problem, after the month is over you will have access to everything to move on.

Can you guarantee SEO results?2019-08-19T22:02:20-05:00

Simple answer is NO.  Not one company can guarantee results, if they do, run.  Google changes their algorithm on a regular basis so you could rank in the top 5 today and drop off the first page tomorrow.  What we do guarantee is that we will put your website in the best position to rank. Ongoing SEO is always recommended or your competitors can over take your ranking.

How much does SEO cost?2019-08-22T15:03:21-05:00

SEO can range all over the board.  There are multiple factors that go into determining the cost of SEO.  Is your site brand new? Do you have any presence currently? Is your niche competitive? Was your website build correctly?  How old is your website?  These are all factors that we use when quoting SEO.

Which is better SEO or PPC?2019-08-19T21:27:00-05:00

This question is almost impossible to answer without running campaigns for both.  With SEO you rank organically and dont have to pay per click to your site but PPC allows you to pick specific demographics, behaviors and keywords that allow your marketing to get very granular.  Typically if your site doesn’t rank, we suggest starting a SEO campaign and also start a pay per click campaign at the same time since SEO is not an overnight process where PPC is.  With both campaigns we install conversion tracking to track the success of both campaigns and over time we can then pick a clear winner after we analyze the data but most companies that are trying to grow will always do both SEO and PPC.

What SEO tools do you use?2019-08-19T21:21:18-05:00

Over the past 15 years we have used many different SEO tools and have changed over the years. At Visual Realm we personally use the following:

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Google My Business

These tools give us the strategy and ability to analyze sites, build local citations, scrape emails and make sure those emails dont bounce back. These programs are expensive but allow us to get the best SEO results for any business.