59% of consumers will choose to buy from a company over one of their competitors based on good design. Meanwhile, 45% say they’ll pay more for a product or service based on the design. At the end of the day, looks do matter.

With this in mind, more companies are updating their website design for the new year.

Your website is your company’s digital storefront; a place consumers can learn all about your brand. Neglecting your website could cause you to fall behind and lose your relevance.

With these 2020 trends in web design, you can stand out from the crowd. By making a lasting impression on visitors, you can increase brand recognition and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Ready to give your business a boost? Keep reading to discover the top web design trends of the new year!

1. Gradients Replace Flat Colors

Many companies are taking a minimalist approach when utilizing modern web design trends. Minimalistic design reduces unnecessary visuals to focus on key content. Otherwise, web pages can start to look cluttered, which can overwhelm visitors.

One way to keep your website clean but still eye-catching is to add gradients.

Gradient Web Design Trend

Gradients are replacing flat colors to add depth to web pages. You can use your brand colors in a fun background or add color filters over your images.

Newer gradient styles feature one clear light source. Try using one or two colors from your brand and add a gradient to a call-to-action button to help it stand out.

2. Big, Bold Lettering

Go big or go home, right? While hero headlines aren’t a new trend, how they’re using within web design is changing. For example, more sites are using large bold fonts to add visual weight to the text.

These headlines grab the reader’s attention before any other element.

Web Design Trends

At the same time, matching these headlines with white space can give your designs a modern look.

Heavy fonts can help you create visual hierarchy and contrast. Both can improve readability to encourage readers to stay on the page.