3. Going Abstract

Relying on boring stock photos can cause you to lose trust with customers. Instead, custom illustrations can help your web pages stand out.

One of the top 2020 trends in web design is abstract illustration styles.

Make sure your website visitors can still interpret your images and what you’re trying to say.

Otherwise, going too abstract can impact the user experience.

4. Conveying Emotion

Many web design trends allow you to communicate certain emotions with your audience. By conveying emotion in your designs, you can better connect with customers and draw them in. As a result, you’re able to improve your web design for usability and to make an impact.

Top Trends 2020

For example, try adding a hint of humor or excitement to your design.

You can also create micro-interactions by using fun, animated effects based on mouse or text movement.

5. Getting Geometric

Like gradients, geometric shapes can help you add depth to a page. These shapes are also effective as visual dividers between page sections. One of the top 2020 trends is to use these shapes to convey emotion.

For example, softer shapes can add a futuristic element to your pages. Sharp lines, on the other hand, look brutalist.

Try matching these web design trends with bold fonts and a gradient.

6. Videos Take the Lead

Only 20% of people read text on a web page. Meanwhile, 80% will watch a video. If you want to draw people in, try adding a hero video to the top of your page.

Web Design 2020

For years, web designers used a static header image to communicate a web page’s topic. As internet connections speed up, it’s easier to use videos to keep site visitors engaged. A video can create a movie-like experience that draws people in.

7. Visualizing Data

For some people, it’s easier to process information through imagery than text. With this in mind, there are new web design trends that focus on providing new ways to help people visualize data.

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Data visualization allows you to tell engaging stories while providing valuable information.

Instead of hard facts and figures, you can use data visualization to keep people energized and engaged.

8. 3D Design

We usually only see 3D objects in entertainment sources, such as video games. Today, more companies are adding 3D elements to their websites to add realism within the design.

2020 Web Design

9. Motion & Animation

Little elements that move around and animate can capture the user’s attention. Scroll-generated websites track where visitors are on the page. Then, contextually-relevant information will appear as they continue to scroll.

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This allows you to use animation and motion to enhance the user experience.

10. Dark Mode

You’ve probably used dark mode on one of your favorite phone apps. This design trend is impacting current web design trends, too.

Dark mode allows visitors to use a low-light user interface. By adding dark themes to your website, you can reduce eye strain for your visitors. This feature also allows users to conserve their battery power by reducing light pixels.

More people are relying on their smartphones for information. As a result, consumers often visit company websites from their mobile devices. As you use these 2020 trends in web design, it’s important to consider (and sometimes prioritize) your mobile visitors.

11. Punching Up Personalization

Adding personalization throughout these web design trends can fine-tune the user experience and ensure your brand stands out.

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As machine learning and artificial intelligence expand, companies can find more ways to make the online user experience more personal.

12. Adding Innovations

More companies are relying on chatbots, assistants, and voice user interfaces to improve the user experience. As a result, they’re also discovering new ways to incorporate these elements within the page design.

Finding creative ways to add a chatbot so it appears natural within the design can help you avoid appearing intrusive. Instead, you can ensure each element of your site works together to improve the user experience.

2020 Trends in Web Design: The Top Tips for a Modern-Looking Website

With these 2020 trends in web design, you can ensure your site stands out from the rest. Keep your website (and company) looking modern with these 12 tips.

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