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Pewter Report

The Problem

Pewter Report first came to us for help to their site to the next level after getting charged an exorbitant amount for a $55 template.  Not only was the template not going to be bring them to the next level but they had multiple issues with their hosting solution because their traffic ranks them in the top 40,000 websites in the United States.  Aside from the glaring issues, they also had a pieced together website with a very active forum using a totally different platform.

The Solution

We moved Pewter Report to a much more sustainable theme and also reverse engineered their booming forum to work directly with the wordpress platform through bbpress and buddypress.  We also moved them to an extremely robust hosting platform that can handle all the traffic they can throw at it.  Since 2016 we have yet to have any kind of outages or downtime even during the very popular times of the NFL draft.

The Result

We are still working with Pewter Report to this day on our popular monthly retainer program.  Pewter Report is experiencing their highest traffic numbers in history and have been able to increase their staff to continue on their successful path.  We are also in talks with doing a brand new website that will focus very heavily on the NFL draft with their already very knowledgable staff writers.

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